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Cancer removed/Hope remains!

Hello family and friends… Thank you, for the love and prayers you all continue to send my way as well as all who contributed to the GoFundMe account. I cannot thank you enough for how much this has helped our family with all … Continue reading

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Coping with cancer/Hoping in Christ (part 3)…

Update: August 12, 2016 I got the call from my GI Doctor today and the 2nd biopsy came back clean (yay!), which means 1 of 2 things.. 1). There may have been some cross-contamination from the tumor.  or… 2). They … Continue reading

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To my family and Friends… Coping with Cancer/ Hoping in Christ (Pt.1)

Family and Friends, I have some bad news. I was just diagnosed with colon cancer. I’m in the process of many tests to determine its stage and my treatment plan. There’s a lot I don’t know yet, but with every … Continue reading

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